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Prague Czech Brass Band

Besides food and pivo (beer) what is something that every Czech Festival must have?


Take a look into the history of the Prague Czech Brass Band.

Prague Czech Brass Band performs on Quarantine Tonight

The Prague Czech Brass Band was founded by Adolph Nemec and began performing in the early 1980's. Adolph acquired music that had been used by the Cedar Hill Brass Band in the 1930's-1950's when the brass band would perform for platform dances at Sacred Heart Catholic church North of Prague and West of Morse Bluff. The Adolph Nemec (spelled Nemetz) and His Orchestra has music on apple music!

Adolph Nemec's Polka Hall of Fame induction certificate.

Steve Steager took over as the director of the Prague Czech Brass Band in 1998. The group has recorded two CD's and has performed for numerous functions over the years. Most recently performing at the Prague Czech Heritage Day celebration as well as the Quarantine Tonight show hosted on News Channel Nebraska.

In 2017, current Director Steve took a trip to the Czech Republic with wife Debbie, and daughter Michaela (Miss Czech-Slovak US 2016-17). While there, the mayor of the town of Kunovice gave them a private tour. After learning Steve was a 'Kapala' (director) the mayor arranged for a local Kapala to come and have lunch with all of them. Steve was later gifted with a box full of sheet music from the local Brass Bands.

Steve has worked to integrate the music from the Czech Republic into the Prague Czech Brass Band to give it a sound unlike any others.

Many area musicians have performed with the group. It currently boasts members of the Omaha Sokol Polka Hall of Fame, Current Nebraska Czech-Slovak Queen, Past Nebraska Czech-Slovak Queen and alumni of the group include many current and retired music teachers, family members and even a former Miss Czech-Slovak US Queen. You can follow the Nebraska Czechs of Prague Facebook page and keep up to date on all of the upcoming performances.

Adolph Nemetz Orchestra poster from a wedding in 1984

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